Geneva Marketing is solely focused on the sales, marketing and distribution of wood pellet fuel. We have a history of success in helping to bring together the buyers and suppliers in our industry. We are the exclusive marketer of more than 80,000 tons of annual capacity throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the US. Geneva Marketing has over 150 customers throughout the US that sell wood pellets to consumers. 

About Us

Geneva Marketing is a product sales and marketing company that focuses exclusively on the sales and distribution of wood pellets.

Geneva Marketing was founded by wood pellet industry executives who have an appreciation for the successes and challenges germane to every aspect of wood pellet production and distribution. Geneva was founded on the premise that customer satisfaction is our first priority in ensuring our own success. We count both our suppliers and retail partners as our customers and aim to please both equally by setting the right expectations.

Throughout the Great Lakes and the Northeast, Geneva Marketing will distribute over 50,000 tons of wood pellets this season. The largest retailers in the country carry our products as well as trusted independent stores in the smallest of communities. 



Geneva ships pellets from several different wood pellet manufacturers throughout the country. 

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EAstford wood fiber 

Blackstone Wood Fuels is a producer of premium grade hardwood pellet fuel. Our plant is located in Eastford, CT within the heart of the Blackstone River Valley. We employ 25 full time employees and support many more jobs in the wood fiber and transportation industries. Blackstone began producing wood pellets in October of 2014 and has the capacity to produce over 15,000 tons of premium grade pellet fuel each year. 

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Michigan Wood Fuels

Michigan Wood Fuels is a fully integrated wood pellet production facility with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons. We accept only the finest hardwood chips to produce premium residential wood pellet fuel. Our raw material is therefore not subject to the cyclical nature of the saw dust market.


Biomaxx Inc.

Owners of both Dry Creek Pellets of Arcade, NY and PA Pellets of Ulysses, Biomaxx produces PFI certified hardwood pellet fuel and has the capacity to produce more than 100,000 tons annually. 

Become a Dealer

Geneva Marketing is constantly seeking to acquire new retail dealers of wood pellets. If you are a retailer looking to enhance your current offering or you are just starting out in the pellet business please complete the form below to receive more information. We promise to respond within 24 hours. 

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